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Completed Projects

Emirates Aviation University Lab
Emirates Sky Cargo PTP
Emirates Engineering PTP
Emirates Facilities QMS
Dubai Parks Facilites Security Core Network
ARCO Group - DPR
Brayan Group - DPR
MH Khoory cold stores Security & Wifi
Al Shirwai Group - IT Security Infra
Jet Airways - Network Infra
Dnata - Systems & Network Infra
Rugby Sevens - Security Wifi Mesh
Transguard - Network Infra
Emirates FTA DWC PTP
Emirates FTA site monitoring
Emirates DSO Security Network Infra
Emirates DSO IT DC
Emirates FTA Landside IT DC
Frieght Works - Systems and NW infra
Meraas Holdings - Key Management

On-Going Projects

SKMCA - Min. of Pres. Affairs
Emirates FTA - Landside NW Infra
Emirates FTA - Airside NW Infra
EAU-DSO Security NW infra
EPPCO - Fiber NW infra
Emirates Facilities Management
Emirates IT Augmentation
Bayolu CRM
Bayolu Webservices
Tea Story CRM
Tea Story Web Services
EK Terminal 3 - Tablets Maintenance
LDT - Wifi Infra Renewal
Sterling Holidays Augmentation
Cloud Printing Services - Demo
Traka KMS - POC
MDM Demo
QE2- IT/Wifi/NW/Security/ACS infra

We Innovate…

Globally Acclaimed Services for Entrepreneurs & Enterprises

Mobility Solution

The contextual significance of data has grown at an unprecedented accelerated pace driving companies to empower its employees with enterprise data as well as the ability to participate in business processes from any place and any time. We at Triway, understand this change in paradigm and have built the required capabilities in collaboration with our partners. We have developed numerous state of the art mobile apps that have the ability to unshackle enterprise data, fast-track key business processes, accelerate decision making and improve involvement with consumers-for maximized revenue and increased productivity. Triway prides itself on having highly skilled and qualified solution architects, application developers, Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) consultants with extensive domain and technology expertise. Triway helps you to mobilize your business across any mobile platform including iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry. Read more..

Asset Management

Establishments are looking for cost savings and improved planning capabilities through integrations of the entire asset lifecycle. IT asset lifecycle management practice is the key to the organizations ROI on IT assets. Triway Asset Management System (AMS) is a comprehensive Asset Lifecycle Management solution which enables to manage IT and Non-IT assets from procurement to Retirement. Triway Asset management System (AMS) is an all in one package which consists of Configuration management Database (CMDB), Agent and Agent-Less Inventory Management System and System Management (IT Automation) that makes Asset Management very easy and effective with proven IT asset Life Cycle Management process and technology situations to achieve greater savings and efficiency.

Document Management System

The Triway Document Management System (DMS) is an integrated document system along with the features of a Record Management System. The Document Management System helps in digitization of all paper and artefact based documents and records for archival and easy search and retrieval. Triway DMS enables the user to maintain the whole document from beginning till end including record life cycle, creation, drafting, formalization of documents and management of records. The DMS helps your organization to reduce overall document-related costs by up to 38%. DMS can be customized as per the user’s Documentation processes .while maintaining proper integrity and protection of the content, with regular auditing. It can be maintained as a house document repository on a centralized server or on the cloud. It also provides privacy to the users, as it is based on the user permission, which allows only restricted users to access a particular document. Triway DMS is built on the Open Source platform which offers lower cost, platform independent, faster development, and is proven and trusted. Read more…

Remit4Sure – Remittance Solution

Remit4Sure is a web and mobile based Remittance application Platform that manages end-to-end cross border money transfer lifecycle by providing an innovative solution to banked and unbanked end-customers of financial institutions , money exchanges, mobile network operators (MNOs) and Money Transfer Organizations (MTOs) through web, mobile or brick & mortar establishment with a single point of contact to remit money and integration with the financial institutions in the receiving and settlement corridors.

Remit4Sure provides a solution to all challenges faced by the remittance industry and facilitates the money exchanges and payment banks to provide flawless services within the regulatory frameworks. Remit4Sure complies with regulatory requirements and satisfies Know Your Customers (KYC), Anti Money Laundering (AML) and other financial regulations with easy to use service features. Remit4Sure is available via the cloud in a SaaS model.

If your store isn’t promoting customer loyalty, you are missing out

YourRewardsZone is a growing marketing platform in the digital mobile loyalty market that enables consumers and merchants to benefit from one another. We allow retailers, restaurants and B2C businesses to engage, increase customer equity rates and acquire consumers in a new innovative way. By downloading the YourRewardsZone mobile application, consumers are rewarded for their purchases and frequent visits to their favorite shops and restaurants through our mobile application platform’s integrated social, Web, data analytics and mobile channels. Our merchants are able to drive more accurate marketing campaigns at a lower cost and achieve a much higher ROI with YourRewardsZone’s mobile application services. more …










Welcome to Triway Technologies

“Triway is the Holding Company Managing couple of ICSAT Business Units, an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company. The company founders are into business operations since 2003; is headquartered in Dubai and has footprints all across UAE, GCC, Indian Subcontinent with road map to go global.A well-known and leading value added ICSAT solutions integrator in the region, with certified and trained professionals on respective domains. Priority Domain expertise are on to Aviation, Construction, Education, Automobiles, Healthcare, Hospitality, Retail and Banking verticals, but not limited to.  ICSAT – A new term coined by Triway for “Information, Communication, Security & Automation Technology”

Industry focus

Network Infrastructure


Telecom Infrastructure


Security & Surveillance InfraStructure


Augmentation & Managed Services





Make the connection with on-time performance and better customer services… any time, any destination. From long-haul freight to local metro service, Transport systems are automating infrastructure for operations, management, and maintenance while offering passenger services like mobile and multimedia. Triway is committed to providing smart transport solutions for the entire industry, including Digital Railway, Aviation, road transport, Smart Mass Transit, and Intelligent Transport Systems. Our secure communications, mobile broadband, HD video surveillance, and integrated data centers power the industry.


Connecting labor, application systems, and smart machines to forge factories of the future


Cutting-edge guest services and hotel management, video conferencing, and video security systems. Hospitality industry competition is fierce, guests want more for their travel dollar, and costs are always on the rise. Triway offers a variety of solutions to help any type of hotel, regardless of size, become world-class. Our solutions integrate wired and wireless networks with easy-to-manage architecture that supports services such as voice, broadband Internet access, and HD video conferencing and surveillance. TRIWAY can help improve guest satisfaction and keep customers ahead of competitors. Innovative hotel services and more efficient hotel operations… a profitable solution


It takes strong medicine to stay healthy and Huawei’s innovative IT solutions help make it happen: Triway’s fully connected healthcare solutions provide medical professionals with the infrastructure they need to collaborate, securely share, process, and use healthcare data effectively. We develop advanced, people-oriented medical services using a variety of telemedicine applications. Remote HD video, including teleconsultation, remote surgery demonstration, medical video on demand, and remote visits are all part of the package. We can bring your organization into the 21st century with solutions specifically designed specifically for the healthcare industry.


Connecting labor, application systems, and smart machines to forge factories of the future. Manufacturing is becoming a fully connected intelligent industry. Triway provides a variety of emerging technologies to help manufacturers modernize at any stage of the manufacturing lifecycle. These smart solutions connect manpower, application systems, and intelligent machinery to gear up for the future of networked manufacturing. Triway has a range of intelligent solutions such as the mobile Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, and Big Data to help companies develop more agile manufacturing. Discover how we can transform your company into a smarter, more-efficient operation with mobile office, R&D, production, sales, service, and supply chain services.

Retail & Banking

IT infrastructure, applications, and value-added services for trend-setting retailers. Retailers are creating online marketing and promotions to convert customer visits into purchases, improve shopping experiences, and boost competitiveness. Our retail solutions use applications like Big Data analytics to encourage customers to buy more or transform shopping malls and stores with shopping navigation, reverse vehicle lookup, and customer flow analysis. Regardless of the solution, Triwayi helps retailers cut costs and increase sales. The Banking industry is rapidly changing and there is intense pressure to introduce new services and cut costs. Triway can help with proven solutions for almost any enterprise or scenario:

  • Reliable solutions that can integrate with existing infrastructure
  • he ability to process millions of transactions reliably and securely
  • Massive, expandable storage
  • World-class data & network security
  • Online, interactive, remote, video-enabled, and mobile solutions LetTriway help grow your business with world-class solutions that streamline operations, increase customer loyalty, and give you the flexibility to take your company to the next level.

Oil & Gas

  • From the arctic to the desert, better efficiency and safety for drilling, pipelines, and refineries. Proven Information and Communication Technologies from Huawei are increasing efficiency and safety for pipeline production, transportation, and refinery operations. Our smart energy solutions improve productivity with capabilities such as:
  • Secure, reliable networks enable wireless access across large distances previously not possible with traditional infrastructure
  • Converged multimedia communications of voice, video, and data for mobile, visual collaboration and decision-making
  • Intelligent security surveillance systems streamlining operations and maintenance for new geographic locations that are inaccessible due to terrain and harsh environments


Better services, quick and useful decision-making, forward-looking planning… that’s done right. Intelligent IT, communications, and video-analysis technologies to keep the public safe.Produce, collect, store, or manage content. Media anywhere, any device, anytime… that’s omnimedia


IT in education is not all about digitization, storage, and networks. It is far more important. It is about conveying knowledge. It is about connecting and fostering collaboration between teachers, students, parents, and school administrators even when they are in different time zones or half a globe away. It is about making people, communities, and nations competitive With the advent of online learning, society and people are rapidly changing. No longer tethered to a traditional classroom, education can now fit people’s lifestyles and offer new educational opportunities — sometimes at much lower cost — in an era of exploding tuition fees. Triway is committed to being your education solutions partner. We build the bridges to cross the digital divide, equalize educational opportunities, and help improve teaching quality. Triway solutions fulfill the promise of “Innovative ICT — Building Better Connected Education”.